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Your children are one of the primary reason you have worked hard all your life. The natural instinct is to protect your children because they are born dependent and so provision must be made for their daily care and upbringing as they move from infancy through childhood to adulthood. In the unhappy event either parent should pass away or heaven forbid both parents together, then provision needs to be made for immediate custody of the children.

Passing away without a valid Will requires Social Services to immediately take the children into custody. This is of course traumatic for the children who are also having to cope with both parents having passed away. Therefore, it is imperative that you make provision for the protection of your children in the event of such a tragedy occurring. Please contact us and we will provide all the options and steps required in ensuring your children are protected through the provision of Deeds of Guardianship.  


Have you spent your life investing in your estate for the benefit of your children and or both your immediate and extended family? If so, without a Will your beneficiaries will not be protected.

Without a Will you will have to apply for Letters of Administration. Essentially this means you have passed away Intestate or without a Will. This in effect means the "State" must establish who they believe you intended to be the beneficiary of your life's work. This can take time. Furthermore, it allows time for those who you did not intend to be a beneficiary to make a claim on your estate.

Hong Kong Law Consultants provides a comprehensive low cost but high value service to ensure that your life's work is left to those for whom you intended it for.