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‚ÄčIncorporation Services

Whether you are just starting your business or already established you will need a number of other services.

The most popular form of business entity registered in Hong Kong is a private limited liability company. 

A company is a legal person. Like a human being it has certain rights, powers and responsibilities. A company is incorporated by being registered under the Companies Ordinance. Once the company is incorporated it can for example, buy and sell property in its own name. It also can be sued and sue people in its own name. Unlike a human though a company can never die until it is deregistered. Limited liability companies have a strong public perception and an enduring structure; raising capital and transfer of ownership is easier when compared to other business structures such as sole proprietorship and partnership. Foreign nationals who set up this type of company would usually describe it as an offshore company in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong is a well regulated and safe environment with which to do business in. It is also a dynamic gateway between the East and West. 

Whether you are a foreigner seeking to do business in Hong Kong or a Local or Resident in Hong Kong, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to register your company having you undertaking business in no time. 

We provide competitive rates and include all the documents associated with registration. Moreover, it is a comfort knowing that you don't have to waste time physically setting up the registration of your business. This will allow you to immediately concentrate on laying the foundations for your enterprise.