Gifts are a cherished way of remembering those friends and relatives with whom it is not intended to share in the majority of your estate. 

Gifts of Chattels are a way by which you are able to ensure that you can leave specific items in your Will. These normally involve anything from household furniture, or even a priceless heirloom. Please make sure that if you intend to leave any gifts you advise our Will Writers who are always happy to advise you on including this in your Will. 

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​​​If you have property overseas it is important that in order to avoid delay you should seek an application for a Grant of Probate in that jurisdiction. If you don't do this your application for Probate may be held up significantly allowing interested parties to make a claim on your estate which may involve retaining lawyers, further drawing funds from your estate. Therefore, it is crucial that you speak to us in order to include an International Will in order to protect any property you may also own overseas.